0127. Being Blonde - Like Me - It's Funn! !

Poem By Sunset Moonshine

Trying to be smarts,
Has nothing to do with me being blond,
You pop tart...

Me being blond just makes it better,
And makes me more bold,
You stick of butter...

Me being blond and gorgeous,
Not mentioning smart,
Has nothing to do with me being luscious...

Being Blond like me,
Gives you and experience of a life time,
You get to prove people wrong and make them mad! ! ! (LOLL)

Comments about 0127. Being Blonde - Like Me - It's Funn! !

Yes you do you have and will continue to do it..it is fun you get me into more trouble than the others know..it is o.k.... memories were great...iip

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