The Police Officer's Wife

He goes to work early everyday
For him to be safe is what I pray
He often works late, not a set time
He stays busy on the streets, fighting crime
He has a whole family that loves him too
The most honorable man that I ever knew
Lots of people are bad, must protect the city
Catching crooks isn't fun or very pretty
His job makes us feel safe in our home
He makes a point to find them, where ever they roam
So please dear god, keep him safe tonight
And let him not have to get into a fight
A policemans wife's worry will never cease
Until he retires and can live in peace!

by Donna Nimmo

Comments (3)

And whereas he kissed her conjointly, the judge deemed him 'guilty! ' even tho she participated wherein and thereby led him on. I just read Aftermath, and I needed a laugh, and saw this right under....well worth the trip!
Ha ha ha! ! Oh, Mikey, you can be hilarious at times! ! ! LOL. With warmth, Gina.
Fantastic! It seems first is hard to get and the rest is coming easily.