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0146 Contemplation's Metaphysical
MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

0146 Contemplation's Metaphysical

The height and depth and length and breadth of God -
that's what is promised to contemplatives:
and God, the sphere whose centre's everywhere
and whose circumference is nowhere found:

geometry without coordinates
and integral beyond all integers,
description of the indescribable -
can this reveal the measure of godliness?

God's height: the soul, which knows but upward flight;
God's depth: the depthless deep of human heart;
God's breadth: the mind with limits beyond sight;
God's length: how long He'll wait, while we're apart;

this does but limn the sphere which yet awaits
the soul and heart and mind which contemplates.

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Michael, This is awesome and unfathomable but it's the process which captivates me. love, Allie XXX
He likes it! .........
the mind of God a tricky affair especially the part about Free Will and where'd evil come from yet your exploration gives thought to thought a fine poem