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0149 Donald Rumsfeld Meets Descartes
MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

0149 Donald Rumsfeld Meets Descartes

which is why the Greeks
trudged off to Delphi
to find out
if 'Know Thyself'
was consumer-friendly or
as sore-footed a path
as Oedipus trod

and if you think this
doesn't concern you personally
let me ask you about a 'known'
that you know, but don't know
that you know
- or have forgotten...

that moment in childhood
that we've forgotten that we remember
when just for a moment, time stood still
and we knew we knew something
with absolute certainty
but didn't know what it was, that
we knew...

you remember?

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Comments (9)

Of course you know that Descartes was famous for saying: I think, therefore I am. Well, did you ever hear how Descartes met his end? A friend of his came up to him one day and asked, Say, Old Chap, do you think I'm good looking? Descartes replied: I think not. and POOF! he disappeared just like that!
Wow. Einstein for President!
Fabulous, Michael! Lovely, lovely.....Donald could learn a few things from you - as could we all.
well, the comments were as much fun as the poem here today.
'm planning on suggesting we build a Delphi right in the middle of my retirement communiity since so many of us have forgotten what it is we knew. Good poem. Raynette
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