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0151 Donald Rumsfeldt's Guide To Love
MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

0151 Donald Rumsfeldt's Guide To Love

Poem By Michael Shepherd

As we know
(or like to think we do)

There are known knowns
(we all need more love)

There are things we know we know
(we’re not getting enough of it)

We also know
(like I know I love you)

There are known unknowns
(but will it last?)

That is to say
(according to me, anyway)

There are some things
(especially about love)

we do not know
(is there someone better around the corner?)

But there are also unknown unknowns
(scary but exciting – flip those sex-tech tomes)

The ones we don’t know
(and hey, who cares?)

we don’t know
(and, will we love it when it comes?)

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Comments (6)

Check out Richard Ponsonby's poem General Despicable on this site, most amusing
.. me too, PoHo! Gimme a last line, someone - what's the 'unknown unknown'?
Very clever and humorous. I would have liked a better ending (Viagra jokes are cliche) but the poem made me smile.
Michael...I too liked the imaginative twist on the Rumsfeld poem. Well done.
Very creative! ----