0152 Ecology Needs A Fine Balance

An active eco-warrior he;
he loved all trees and frogs;
that's why, before he drowned, he upped
and shot the legs off dogs.

by Michael Shepherd

Comments (5)

Thanks for the explanation Michael, Yes, it's completely bonkers, we interfere in nature, then, we interfere a bit more...and then wonder why it all goes horribly wrong!
Apologies, Rusty. A spot of spoonerism crept in. As it does. Well-boiled icicles, raffia mats, the drain brain, that sort of thing. I've reached the ambling rage.
Thanks. I see now how well written. Please, call me (R) usty.
Sorry about that, Dusty. It's a very considered comment on the way that the thoughtless overprotection of one species may harm another. The guy thought that dogpiss harmed trees; and drowned trying to save a native frog from an illegally imported bullfrog. I almost wept writing it.
You lost me on this one. Rusty