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0152 Ecology Needs A Fine Balance
MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

0152 Ecology Needs A Fine Balance

An active eco-warrior he;
he loved all trees and frogs;
that's why, before he drowned, he upped
and shot the legs off dogs.

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Comments (5)

Thanks for the explanation Michael, Yes, it's completely bonkers, we interfere in nature, then, we interfere a bit more...and then wonder why it all goes horribly wrong!
Apologies, Rusty. A spot of spoonerism crept in. As it does. Well-boiled icicles, raffia mats, the drain brain, that sort of thing. I've reached the ambling rage.
Thanks. I see now how well written. Please, call me (R) usty.
Sorry about that, Dusty. It's a very considered comment on the way that the thoughtless overprotection of one species may harm another. The guy thought that dogpiss harmed trees; and drowned trying to save a native frog from an illegally imported bullfrog. I almost wept writing it.
You lost me on this one. Rusty