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016. The Mysteries Of The Mind
JK ( / Crawley)

016. The Mysteries Of The Mind

A man stands on a cliff edge
listening to the sea
calm as the wind
which gently blows

He stands like a statue
thinking about the past
his mind is open
I slip inside his head

I find a storm unseen and powerful
a whirlpool forms
of many thoughts
mixing to form one
confusion rules

I see a puzzle
its pieces scattered
like a forgotten mystery

I close my eyes
and leave the man’s head
the mind storm calms
the man is at peace

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Comments (2)

gee, Profanisaurus, i read again, the poem, then saw and read my earlier comment. maybe i was incorrect earlier? maybe 'you', entering his head, caused the storm and your exit caused the storm to subside! ? hmm? i like my second thought better. in which case, you are a MENACE to people's minds! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! yikes. bri :)
John aka P., you must be a natural sedative; you calmed his mind by your presence! you could make a fortune in the united states! ! ! but HOW do you get inside and back out of the head? ear, nose, or mouth entry/exit? ? a very smooth poem. i did not miss the missing punctuation. i did not miss rhyming. i found no typos! a 'great' poem for casual readers, like me. it has been sent to MyPoemList. thanks for sharing. bri :) i hope your day is going well there.