Until They Banish Us

Let’s be hipsters
Rule breakers
Let’s be rockstars
Or bank bank robbers
The night is young and we’re in control
Lets forget that the authority is watching our every move
Why live on one’s expectation? Why be overtaken?
They expect us to be perfect, smart, and understanding
What for?
They limit us with choices in life, as if we’re walls, or as if we’re invisible
These are the days of our lives where mistakes is all we do and learn from
The days of our lives we say screw what mom what us to dress just to not embarrass her friends
Screw how big or small of a fish we catch as we fish with our father and his friends
Screw how sinless our preachers wants our lives to be
Screw how intelligent our society expect us to be
Screw the moment our parents say, “Honey, sweet pie....you have no choice”
Hell yes we have a choice on whether we want to be doctors, lawyers, or some major case detectives. What if we want to be magicians or some wizards
We can’t always be what they want us to be, we can’t all turn water into wine, we can’t all solve a math equation.
Why can’t we listen to whatever we want? Dress whatever pleases us?
The rules are there to be broken, so lets break em
Let’s stand out bravely for our teenage years before they turn them into their old age
Let’s party till they banish us
Let’s speak against their laws till they banish us
The old man starts a war and let’s the young ones finish it
Screw that, let’s live our lives till they banish us
Like a disease; we are to them
Like the mini Hitlers, let them distaste us
For only those who are hated speak of the truth
Let them banish us, we’ll just be around the corner
Coming with words flaming like a lit cigarette thrown into petroleum
Let them see us vomit reality for it’s sickening
Why does our reputation have to represent them?
Let them banish us, but then their lives are controlled by the hour glass
Their breaths are getting sucked in by their existence
I’m done peace out!

by Marlene Rashidi

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'You said it, Donkey Boy, ' cried Tigger as he bounced across the bridge. (You know, I bet if we tried really hard, we could match each character to someone on PH...)
'Sometimes a boat is just a boat, and sometimes it's more of an accident. Depends whether you're on top of it or underneath.' - Winnie the Pooh. Sorry, just took me to the Hundred Acre Wood. Think I'll stay there for a bit. What a great poem - put a big smile on my face. Hugs Anna xxx