Amor Umbratilis

A gift of Silence, sweet!
Who may not ever hear:
To lay down at your unobservant feet,
Is all the gift I bear.

I have no songs to sing,
That you should heed or know:
I have no lilies, in full hands, to fling
Across the path you go.

I cast my flowers away,
Blossoms unmeet for you!
The garland I have gathered in my day:
My rosemary and rue.

I watch you pass and pass,
Serene and cold: I lay
My lips upon your trodden, daisied grass,
And turn my life away.

Yea, for I cast you, sweet!
This one gift, you shall take:
Like ointment, on your unobservant feet,
My silence, for your sake.

by Ernest Christopher Dowson

Comments (2)

'You said it, Donkey Boy, ' cried Tigger as he bounced across the bridge. (You know, I bet if we tried really hard, we could match each character to someone on PH...)
'Sometimes a boat is just a boat, and sometimes it's more of an accident. Depends whether you're on top of it or underneath.' - Winnie the Pooh. Sorry, just took me to the Hundred Acre Wood. Think I'll stay there for a bit. What a great poem - put a big smile on my face. Hugs Anna xxx