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0161 Heaven: Thoughts From 1350 Ad/Ce
MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

0161 Heaven: Thoughts From 1350 Ad/Ce

Heaven is not a place; it is a state;
not in the clouds, nor here on earth beneath;
heaven's not in front, behind, nor left nor right -
and yet, in love it comprehends all these.

God is not found by silence, nor by speech;
not found by fasting, nor by finest food;
not by seclusion, nor by company -
and yet, within all these, and all around.

There's nowhere, thus, to go; for all is here;
and nought to do but, present, here to rest;
and resting, wish and will and love God dear
with full intent; no other interest.

All's within the heart, so vast, so great -
for heaven's not a place; it is a state.

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Comments (2)

An enjoyable read Michael...you are fast becoming my favorite poet on this site. Sincerely, Kenneth
Michael, I think this is one of the very best pieces I've read of yours. Adroitly crafted and with that mellifluous tempo guiding it.