0162 Greatness

How great is greatness? asks my questing soul:
scenting behind that quest, eternity;
that dark which, studied, lights the dazzling whole
and brings to finite thought, infinity;

as when great singers sing, all hearts can sing;
great dancers give us sense that all can dance;
great actors speak for all of us; we think
to know all painted greatness at one glance:

we know already, greatness' unfenced whole,
we know that boundless place, the human heart;
Creation is no secret to our soul;
all being sings its song in every part.

How glorious those sages who can see
in everything that lives, totality!

by Michael Shepherd

Comments (3)

The great ones make it all look so easy don't they? I love the line: - 'Creation is no secret to our soul' I think this sonnet is great. Thanks Gyps
Always love a sonnet...and this one is smooth. I connected right away when I nodded over the lines about all of us who think we can act, sing, dance...and does that include 'write? ' Your final couplet is priceless.. Raynette
'all being sings its song in every part' - what a memorable line that is. Thanks.