Her Blue Body Full of Light

Can you believe I have cancer? Yosra asks,
a mug of tea between her hands,
almost laughing, hair cut close to her scalp.
I imagine the cancer auditioning
inside her body, tiny translucent slivers
of light weaving in and out and of her abdomen
and uterus, travelling up and through her throat,
needlepoints of light, fireworks glimmering down, the body
burning into itself, deep sea blue inside
her body, her ribcage an aquarium,
the cancer spreading and spreading, deep space,
her throat a lava lamp, sparklers beneath breastbone—
a lightshow, a million tiny jellyfish, orchestral womb,
kaleidoscopic ovaries, disco ball heart,
her skin glowing and glowing,
lit from the inside

by Warsan Shire

Comments (3)

This is an amazingly beautiful poem of Love, both up and down....Kudos! ! ! marci.m. :)
Wonderful...I feel humbled reading such marvellous poetry. I am saving all your poems in My Favourite poems and have ordered 'Awakening to Myself' from Chapters. Also, the Ficino celebratory volume is indispensable - quite brilliant. Your biography is as fascinating as your poems...
the wiser we... are wild and bold again and fools again; so, love ' excellent: -)