MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

0172 Love's Nosegay

Celandine, saxifrage,
buttercup, needle whin,
tormentil, vetchling,
agrimony, cinquefoil,
nipplewort, hawkbit,
ragwort, groundsel,
biting stonecrop, yellow bedstraw,
crosswort, comfrey,
bog asphodel,
tansy, sneezewort,
crowfoot, scurvy grass,
mouse-eared chickweed,
stitchwort, goutweed,
water dropwort, cuckoopint,
bryony, goosegrass,
ramsons, mayweed,
pennywort, wintergreen,
grass of parnassus, burdock,
figwort, lady's mantle,
heartsease, cinquefoil,
scabious, loosestrife,
plume thistle, knapweed,
bugle, fumitory,
ragged robin, saintfoil,
dove's- foot crane's-bill,
lousewort, rattle,
corn cockle, willow herb,
cross-leaved pink heath,
blue bottle, vetch,
milkwort, harebell,
wild succory, speedwell,
viper's bugloss, alkanet...

there's poetry in wildflowers
and rightly so.

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Comments (6)

and all this time, i thought botany was boring. shows how much i know. you've done it again, Shep! Jake
Full marks, Sandra! This is a test piece for real poets who love words like elves love pass with flying colours. Creeping cinquefoil is yellow and marsh cinquefoil is purple. Well spotted. A kennel of dog roses to you.
Twice with cinquefoil? ? Nicely strung together, great topic.
A whole meadow and glade to wander through with a smile: -)
Didn't want to make it personal, Pete.
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