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0175 Love's Butterfly
MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

0175 Love's Butterfly

As butterflies with beauty grace the air,
so love cannot be lazy in its love;
true love brings lovely energies to bear;
love's actions grace the true contemplative.

devoted action is the path we tread
when stirred at first by love of love's first cause;
to purge our souls of that we wish us rid;
such tasks may grace our caterpillar days.

humility - which is to know pure self,
seen clearly as the light of bad and good -
brings contemplation's share in godly wealth;
those shining works which are love's neighbourhood;

then we God's goodness, truth and beauty share;
as butterflies with beauty grace the air.

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Comments (3)

I perfectly agree with this poem's message, and the good writer has instilled in me the wish to also delve into his paraphrasation's original...
I can't think which is better...your sonnets or your free verse. You do both so well. This is lovely and has a grain of truth as elusive as a butterfly. Raynette
This is beautiful in an ethereal way. I am unable to penetrate a lot of it though.