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0179 My Parents
MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

0179 My Parents

'We begin by loving our parents; '
said E.M.Forster,
'later, we hate them;
rarely if ever do we
forgive them...'

I'd like to live long enough
to forgive them;
go somewhere where
I can tell them I love them,
always did, always shall.

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Comments (7)

wow, this short one stabs you right in the heart. the power of this piece is startling. just fantastic. Jake
Mom once told me 'children step on your toes when they are young and on your heart when they are old.' Comes a time when the child needs to quit stepping and start hugging. Nice read Michael Rusty
I agree with Max. This stirs me up. Maybe, just as children expect (and have a right to) unconditional love from their parents, the children, once grown, should provide unconditional forgiveness to their parents.
Sherrie's right.. this poem is a tribute to EMF because the first time I read that, as a teenager, it shocked me into realising that my understanding was partial and subjective, and there was further to go, an unfinished autobiography that needed constant rewrites...
This is wonderful Michael. I have forgiven my parents......which has been difficult. It's hard to love what you don't know though. This is how it should be.....very nice. Sincerely, Mary
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