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Touched By Fire
MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

Touched By Fire

Burn, Fire, Burn
The almighty fire I know
From the flesh of Gods you rose
Under nine nights of incandescence
Zeus and Mnemosony in a perfect symphony
The wraith moon,
The oregold sun,
And the rich loam
where the mortals stand upon
coalesced in a treacly syzygy

Burn, fire, burn
The almighty fire I know
From dusk to dawn you encamps
Amidst the snarling cypress trees
Caged breeze freeing
Aghast wolves fleeing

Burn, fire, burn
The almighty fire I know
Creeps to an abandoned hearth
and ignites its forgotten bed of coals
Once the flame blazes
It casts its lucent glow
To the darkest dark, to the coldest cold
Its billowing smoke soars to heights
Scattering its sublime splendor
Enthralling the keen beholders
Beyond the mountain rims
Across the seven seas

You, fire, the almighty fire I know
How long you will burn I wish I know
When your end is drawing nigh
And the nine daughters of Zeus
stop playing lyres

Whisper to your charriots:

Send my last flickering ember- - to her"
to the inert fire I know,
touch her,
scorch her,
and let the fire in her

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Michael.....you corker, thanks for that: -)