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0187: 1580 - Ish
MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

0187: 1580 - Ish

Round 1580 - so some scholars write -
the finest poets of England sought accord
on what fine form of verse might most delight,
and render fullest homage to our Lord.

They found iambics, in a five-foot line
tuned best with English speech to native ears:
more simple, steady, musical in mind
than Racine's stately tread of French hexameters.

The thoughts sublime which these our poets teach
-Sidney's sonnets, Shakespeare's poems and plays -
enter our ears in childhood, shape our speech,
and tune our hearts to hear, and speak, God's ways;

in still and silent rapture there to find
the music of that other world: God's mind.

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Comments (7)

There is not enough gratitude in poems. It's a lovely thing to look back and thank the ancient ones.
I love free verse, but when I read a well-executed sonnet, then I know the poet has command of the tools of his trade. This one speaks volumes about who you are.
I feel humbled to read such a fine poem. It is flawless and its motivation to be written, moving...all your poems are magnificent...and your biography reads the same way - fascinating!
One of your many superb sonnets, Michael. Since your modesty forbids you, let me take the initiative to plug your book of sonnets. Interested readers can punch up 'Godstow Press' and learn more about it from them. I'd quote the title, but I've lent my copy to a friend in Burlington, and I can't remember it exactly.
I especially like the last two lines-this poem speaks well. Nice piece-thank you. Debi
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