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0188 A Marvel To His Coy Mistress
MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

0188 A Marvel To His Coy Mistress

me, the bow,
you, the cello;
me, mc squared;
does it follow,

sexual activity
relates to relativity?

my energy,
your mass;
can we equate
such love,
my lass?

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Comments (5)

Wow this is captivating and really enjoyable.Great Write Love Duncan
I'm with Raynette on this: with such keen and tempting words, I don't see how Ms X could possibly resist you! Tee-hee! Regards.
haha. I prefer Herrick not toying with his mistress.
This borders on brilliant, Michael. Bravo! ! (and very sexy, if the woman has a brain at all.) R.
very clever and succinct! I liked it and so would Andrew M.