0189 A Maybe Tribute To E E Cummings

it was the sound of
the daffodils
that woke

by Michael Shepherd Click to read full poem

Comments (7)

Amazing! ! ! ! What a fine tribute, this one sings with the joy of life, it bursts through the screen and grabs your heart, I am absolutely in awe of such works as these, You have a true wonder here, Thankyou so much for sharing this one 10,10,10,10 Love from Duncan
Let 'er rip Michael - this one joyful katoon.
A poem like this one makes you feel free. I love ee cummings... Delightful!
You captured him just right, Miichael...his light-hearted play with words, his teasing the reader with paradox...nice job. Raynette
MS, this is the first poem I've read today, and I shall roll it around on my tongue for the rest of the morning. As you know, I have been studying ee cummings out of my own curiosity, and this is not only a tribute to his shimmering wordplay, but I dare say it flows faster and smoother than some he's written. Definitely a new favorite, and a perfect read for this perfect Spring day. Thank you!
Yes, excellent is the word. I can tell you had fun writing this tribute. Writing in the style of a well-known writer is always a good excercise. I can see how your poem is influenced by cummings. But your own voice is there loud and clear. It's a good poem in its own right.
oh my god. maybe the best poem of yours i've ever seen. the words just ran down the page. i have never read any ee cummings in fact i know nothing at all of him but the discussions in recent days have intrigued me and this poem has sealed it for me: i have to read some ee cummings! btw, i don't know cummings but i know o'hara and this has the same breathless joy in its release that o'hara's best work has; a real good job michael, absolutely splendid.