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019. The Sailing Boat Pitches

The sailing boat pitches
in the violent sea
it rocks from side to side
a crying baby in its mother’s arms

The heavy boom swings
like an old clock pendulum
the thick ropes creak
the sail cleats strain

The mast snaps in half
like a dry twig
it falls into the sea
leaving only a jagged stump

The wind stops howling
the violent sea calms
the boat stops rocking
asleep in its mother’s arms

by Jaden Knight

Comments (5)

This was an amazing comparison! It really got me thinking.
Very descriptive and an interesting comparison. Enjoyable read. Thank you.
John, you have inspired me! thanks for sharing this mini-perfect storm story. bri :) Give Me NOT A Sea For A Mother! John Westlake wrote a poem, The Sailing Boat Pitches. In it he compares a boat to a babe, and the Sea is as a bitch is, a rocking tempest swinging her babe violently, side to side. The rocking is so violent that her babe broke down and cried. The kid's mast broke off; i hate to guess what babe-part that was. In time, thank God, the mom calmed down; no longer did she buzz.... like a chainsaw creating havoc for her sweet tormented sea-child. I think Mom should take sedatives.........to NEVER more be wild. John's poem reminds me of another i wrote some time ago: 25 A Sailboat's Last Thoughts.......[Human/Sailboat Nature; Drama; Weather] reviewed 11/16/2012
This was beautiful.10/10
Love the last stanza's comparison. Well done