0192 Abundance

I am overwhelmed
by the abundance
in my poverty;
the riches that I find

by Michael Shepherd Click to read full poem

Comments (6)

This reminds me of Rilke's voice in 'Letters to a Young Poet'. It could use a little tightening where it starys a little into the cliche, but it has great possiblities.
Michael, it seems we have had many poems lately with paradox. This is the ultimate in each, carefully-written stanza. My favorite is the fourth stanza, but the others build to it. Thanks for this. Raynette
That's really amusing, JC - I felt exactly the opposite! But thanks!
Beautiful Michael...Loved it! Don't judge the book by its cover....Nice!
Michael. Michael. Michael. This is the loveliest poem ever! I know Rilke is smiling right now.
Nice going, Michael! ! We could all use a bit of this wisdom-remember to see past the illusions!