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0193 American Poetry
MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

0193 American Poetry

Pithy, precise,
wry, wise,
flinty, real,

that's how it's
been defined

you'll question that
of course

as you should

I'll leave you to it

how powerful
eight words
can be

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Comments (5)

The topic was unique and creative... offers the readers much thought.
I'm quoting an American, BTW, and I guess he means all these qualities together; and 'not their opposites' so to speak. But...
I don't know, Michael. I loved the list of adjectives but wondered if it doesn't apply to really good poets from all over the world. I thought of Dylan Thomas (pithy) , A.E. Housman (precise) , Louis Carroll (wry) , Kahlil Gibran (wise) , Neruda (flinty) , Szmborska (real) ...and countless poets around the world whose spirit is both democratic and true. All of those qualities describe what a good poet should embody. But still, as an American, I like the spirit of this poem. Raynette
Exceptions that prove the rule?
i think you did a really good job on this one, it was a provocative title and the poem itself didn't let the reader down.