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0194 A Boy's Vision
MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

0194 A Boy's Vision

The boy walks past the window;
you can see he's
got something clearly in his mind;
walks firmly on both feet as if
he walked on grass;
his carriage upright,
a half-smile on his face;
his eyes are bright;
he swings his hands from side to side
in front of him.

He has a vision.

Ah yes.
His captain's just tossed the ball to him;
it's his spell to bowl.

This is what he was born to do;
he has the skills;
he knows he can do it; can't wait; but
no hurry, as he's confident,
switching the ball from hand to hand,
warming it with his love.

The boy walks past the window.
He has a vision.

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Comments (2)

This last two days, the media have been full of 'these last nail-biting weeks of swashbuckling cricket will bring a new generation of boys to the game...' and you think mmm, maybe.. and then, there it is in front of you...
This poem is very different from your usual fare. It's literal and spare, with only a couple of adjectives in the whole poem. Interesting subject matter and very nice flow. Your versatility is impressive.