0194 At Last

At last I’m old enough

old enough not to be
embarrassed when

by Michael Shepherd Click to read full poem

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This is just lovely. Very touching moments, and yet, not all are talented enough to describe them so eloquently. Am officially amazed... Peace, Aisha
This is a great poem michael and I don't know what it feels like yet but this has given me some clues. Keep it up. All the best Becky
I laugh a lot louder, cry more easily, speak out more freely, love more passionately....so we go full circle....and the aging process facilitates our wholeness....a lot less ego.....and a whole lot more joy! Thanks for sharing this, Michael....Yes, I related to the 'feeling' you presented...and not solely the craftsmanship.
Elegant and beautiful. Thanks for sharing this. Martin
Stoicism isn't all it's cracked up to be. Sometimes it's nice to let yourself feel the emotion and age affords us a perfect excuse. avr
We had a man come into my history class a month ago (a WWII veteran) and he freely let his emotions go while he discussed his life. His tears broke my heart.... This poem reminded me of him. It also shows what a truly caring and gentle man you are Michael. This is truly beautiful. Sincerely, Mary
You let us into our own generosity too here, as your poem brings to mind times the reader has been so moved, as well. You're a great heart, Michael. (Go on into the other room, if you need to.)
to rest easy in your own skin what a blessing finally to fling the mask into a dim corner and flash your smile to all the world your joy powerful clean and true a fine poem
A really nice one Michael, there's something rather grand about being oneself and not worrying about what other people think. Older age has something, worth giving us, at least! Love Ernestine XXX
incontinence can be conquered shep there are things you can wear even cubans wear them looks like you got a ten i am very generous you know germainxxxxx