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0195 Autumn Gardener
MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

0195 Autumn Gardener

Gathering rosebuds with my rake;
the wooden tines scraping
over the gravel path
bringing a token of order
to the autumn of a life;

rosebuds, nipped at the neck
by frost; dead leaves
curled like begging or covetous hands,
coloured like rich memories, red, orange, brown,
dry husks, spilt seed,
now crisp, eager to surrender to the fire,
its scented smoke curling like a pyre against
a cold blue sky now welcoming
a tidy offering up;
how clean, how sharp the autumn air

darker under the trees
the leaves still wet
limp and flat as hope defeated,
pressed together as
words not meant, or
something missed;
next year the leaves
will remember innocence,
the tree broader, eager,
brown as wisdom tipped with exploratory green.

gathering rosebuds with my rake
the season with its woodsmoke, evocative,
tempting to metaphor, hovering,
a garden of lost meaning;
no longer, this cooling autumn, a construction,
but speaking its own seriousness.

how clean, how sharp the autumn air
scented by surrender

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Comments (3)

Utterly mesmerising.
Dense, wonderful. I love it all; the last line speaks to me. Thank you.
Rich, vivid and refreshing. I literally feel as if I can see, smell, and touch all that vegetation. Delightful read. Take a 10. With warmth, Gina.