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An Open Letter To A Father (For Jade)
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An Open Letter To A Father (For Jade)

Dear father,

Have you seen your daughter lately?

You are missing a lot.

You have missed a gamut of her cuteness.

I see her daily in my classroom, and she is growing

Into a beautiful young lady.

She is smart,

She is gorgeous,

Her hugs are rich with I love you,

She is witty and perceptive,

And most of all, she is loving.

I have never seen your face, but I see you in her eyes.

Have you seen her smile lately?

It's heart-warming.

Your absence and missteps have turned parts of her heart

To concrete.

Father, reach out to your baby girl.

Her glowing smile swiftly fades at the mention of your name-

It's a shame.

Have you ever seen her when she is overjoyed?

She is a silly picture of girlish beauty.

Find a way to get back into her heart.

Climb the hills, walk through the valleys,

Negotiate the thorns to get to your rose.

She is worth it.

She often mimics toughness, but her vulnerability shines through,

I see her need for you.

It's not too late f-a-t-h-e-r.

There is still time.

Mend the torn pieces,

Reduce the distance,

Make your way back into her sweet heart.

She still has space to welcome you home.

Yours truly,

Her "school daddy."

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Comments (2)

A companionable coalescence - masterfully drawn. love, Allie xxxx
Max, initially I wasn't sure which side of the fence you were on but I realise that you, like me, see the World as one where coffee and coca-cola can live alongside camomile & peppermint - not so sure 'bout peach though. Try mango! Love the poem, whimsical but so damn true. Rgds, Ivan