Poem By Amberlee Carter

I’ve extracted you
from my body
like a sliver-

a memory thirsty, burrowed deep
In flesh that’s festered beyond discomfort.

and like a memory
the contusion remains,
reminding me to erect the ruins ‘round
a fevered tomb- once dwelling for the sacred
book of myths known to the lonely
as love.

you should have been a better god.

Comments about 02-23-05

I don't know how anyone can describe your poetry as 'good'. Another powerful work. I'm new to Poemhunter so I'm looking forward to more.
It's wonderful, perfect.
I wonder if humans make themselves lonely by creating and believing in love? A good poem.
fabulous. and great ending too.
Yikes, that last line was not what I wanted to hear from anybody.

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