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02 Flowers Trees And Plants
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02 Flowers Trees And Plants

Poem By Saiom Shriver

Four Flowers...: The Sun arose in Morning Glory, with His Goldenrod wanding Violet to Rose
The bees' favorite couplet.. sunup brimming buttercuplet
When God greengrows it's rarely in rows... awry the rye rises...unruly the rose
How awesome How sublime That out of muck and mud and slime....God
makes lemons God makes limes.
The sun arrays the dawn in rose as He arises and rouses the rose
April is aproned with apricot blooms.
They called the wind lackadaisical
but because she in freedom blows
the world will never...........lack for daisies
Dawndrawn, dandelions summoned by the sun... spread gold parasols
Little Tree, Little Tree, I wonder where you are
to thank you for the sweet pink fruit you did weave
from distant star.
Each night the tree of nut out of naught knits neat nuts
The bee Hector needs no lector to read him the sector
where blooms of great nectar pour fragrance in vectors
Weeding, whispered the Great Spirit...is plant racism
Ivy and violets vy not with the violent.
Why is the rose encircled by thorns? That she not be plucked
In the predawn violet... as they wake the violets... of the unsung..
birds sing...
Bursting blooms of bluebonnet to the sun sing silent sonnets
A beetlebored bamboo flute.. Yonder wind plays upon it
Hawaiian breadfruit... shed your Joseph's coat of many colors..
your 1000 panes of stained glass mosaic.. and become 10,000 breadfruit
From the shore.. one looks upward
to the sanddune grass..10,000 green brush blades
trying to paint the blue sky jade*
Enpine the cone! Enoak acorn! Enpear the seed that inner
sun be freed!
Held the dew the buttercup better than the butternut
For every tree and wildflower He has willed the power
as He flows through all an effortless willpower
Delilah's lilac'd fields Lilliputian the Lord of Love has many lilies
put in
He is one with every Obama, Blair, every Chavez, Castro and Putin.
As birds helped Cinderella to dress for the dance,
the peony made her debut because of kind ants
The peony sphere has no perfume.. until she opens the petals
of her heart
He no longer daisy petals shreds to ask if her love for him has been
Into the daisy the sun has spun his gold
and his rays has rolled into the marigold

May and Mother Earth has
gone under cover
hiding herself neath fields
of daisy and clover

Impatience always show patience as they weave new blooms from
the sun and cloud looms
The meadows are asterisked by asters. Though they
seem randomly sprayed, not a single one has gone astray.
Clover lamps with their curved necks hang over the cobbles
of a London sidewalk shedding purple light in their tiny world

God needs no
chain or buckle
to link
the roots
of honeysuckle.
Her herald fragrance
runs ahead
as her seamless
delve in new

© Saiom Shriver


(God indwells all beings, every green, libertarian,
socialist, communist, labour and conservative. democrat,
and republican
4 Flowers is to Rosita and Charlie Davis
Awry the rye rises is to Rosalie Cohen Quine and to Sharan Freundschuh
Little Tree Little Tree is to Tattva of Moundsville
Tree of Nut is to Nat Altman, Nate Slocum, Natalie Ryder, Knute Larson
Enpine the Cone is to Wm Barr
Hawaiian Breadfruit is to all those working to end the USDA exclusion
of Hawaiian and other country fruits and plants from the US mainland

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Very nice picturesque poem about mother Nature's Flora..i wrote a poem titled The Bell...you are most welcomed to read it...a ten from me...
The world of plants in a trance of living a very pleasant read with the magic of nature...regards
^^ wonderful keep it up! ! !