02. Love, Love, Love

i wish to be the air you breathe
love that floods your every cell
revitalising you, cheering you up
every second of your life

by john tiong chunghoo Click to read full poem

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I like this poems ☺
I like this poems ☺
i love like the rush of the Nile, Yangtze - listen, listen to this lovelorn heart..... strong emotive expression, wonderful poem Chandan
Love, please come back, I assure you this time you will not be crucified, we shall stand as a rock.
I liked it. Just beautiful.
This style of relating love to everything is so amazing.... Love is a beautiful thing. God bless you my friend
My meadows will become celestial When you breath my flowers with your moist breeze That numbling my nose! ! A good poem! !
Touching to read! Please give your opinion on my poem 'Passive Opinion', it's short but I think you will like it. Thanks very much, C.Khoo
love gives life a green cover, nutrition to soul.......... very fine poem to read
beautiful poem! such a pleasent read. I give it a 10!
Beautiful poem. I am glad i chose to read it and that you chose to write it. An easy tenner was given here. this day. God bless all poets and readersalike-MJG.
Leaves me breathless. Evokes meaningful contemplation and reflection on that most magical of human capacities-LOVE.
Beautiful work. Here is my love poem. I tried using the Raven's challenging rhyme pattern: http: //www.poemhunter.com/poem/love-is-105/ Even though it didn't quite fit, the result was good enough to inspire me to move on to my second (and still my best work: SUNRISE ON THE MOUNT) : http: //www.poemhunter.com/poem/sunrise-on-the-mount/
John, simply beautiful. This was the first poem I viewed on Poemhunter. Will certainly read through your other poems. Thank you for sharing your depth through your words. Dawn
so so so true! ! i loved it and the comment you sent me! thanx! !
Completely true, completely beautiful, completely amazingly PERFECTLY true.
u`re good in poetry... i`m brennanlee from m`sia... looking forward for your new poem... keep up the good work bro