JG (10.31.86 / Attleboro, MA)

(02) - Victim Of The Dead

Dark alley.
You curse yourself, silently;
Why are you there?
-Fate draws you-
A silent form separates itself
From the alley wall behind you.
A chill -death- sweeps through you.
-Your beginning approaches-
A shadow, visible in front of you,
Warns you of his presence.
You see him,
Look into his hollow eyes,
Dull, dead a thousand years.
A scream dies on your lips,
Silenced by the fathomless terror in your soul.
His mouth opens as he draws close
-Fangs glisten in the weak light,
Eternity in his bite-
He closes for the deadly embrace.
The pain, as he bites, your skin broken.
You know no more.

Silence, for hours.
Then, the screams begin.
Howling, as animals in pain.
You see nothing, for what seems like an eternity.
Nor do you feel:
You hear, only,
Those screams, coming from without,
And yet within-
From your heart, as you are changed.

You relive all you have felt,
But -worse- all you have heard.
Suddenly there were words in those screams,
Words of darkness,
The screams still echo in your mind,
Driving you mad.
Insane, too-
You remember nothing.
Bite, silence, screaming: that is all.
Past- friend, family, life: gone.
In their place,
An unholy appetite,
A hunger for the bite.
You are dead-
You have no rest.
You are fear, and death itself.

Vanishing into the darkness
Arising from the ground
You vanish into the night,
Dead, with no rest.
You have been changed.

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Comments (6)

Omg. You are sooo good. I've never head of another Grengs before. I'm Janelle grengs. =D I wonder if we are related...? Great poems though. I loved it. =]
The comment I just wrote was supposed to read: 'personal angst and dread'
The first ten or so lines of this work begin to express a sense of personal angst and fread that many can relate to. I have to say I was disappointed to see the rest of it take a downhill turn into something like bedtime scary stories that children tell each other at a slumber party. I just think that you have got some real intensity in you and I want to see more of it!
i did enjoy it a lot! On the whole I love horror style! best wishes Aram
Little scary...but very creative and enjoyable to read. I like it! :) adria
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