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(020) The Fat Poet
MG Melvina Germain (N/A / Sydney, Nova Scotia)

(020) The Fat Poet

The fat poet, who never shares,
how dare he keep the words of beauty,
stockpiled, hidden in a quiet corner.
Why, words such as these, must be
shared to those far and near, to those
we hold dear. Don’t vex with me,
you fat little poet, lift of those pages,
so the world will know it.
Your words are full of beauty flare,
all that you have hidden there, will
spread a bed of literary verse for
all the world to see and hear.

Written: January 02/07

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Comments (8)

Yes, one should not be greedy with his/her wisdom - we can teach, inspire, enflame with our poetry, you're right, Melvina. Nicely done.
Oh I love this one! LOL! The 'Fat' poet...I Also did get the point about holding out and not sharing all your poetry...come to think of it if I remember right, you said you have poems you have not shared yet..So get typing! ! ! ;) Awesome poem...Ten*stars! ! L, =Shelley=
You hit the nail on the head. I had only posted a dozen or so of my poems until recently, but have added most of the rest now - and it is liberating! Thanks Melvina.
I love your 'fat' usage! Awe, are you trying to tell us something? Perhaps some of us are hording poems. Maybe we're all stingy, and don't like sharing haha. It seems to me, that being fat, is being full of yourself, and wanting to keep all your lovely words close so that only you can savor their beauty when the world would love to partake of them - we're waiting for more, Melvina! -L.C.
Good write Melvina... a nice addition to your 'fat' body of work! Interesting choice of words and how you have used it outside of its usual context. Well done! Brian
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