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0211 Infinite Riches In A Little Room Unquote
MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

0211 Infinite Riches In A Little Room Unquote

In but a few years' time
when every poet and their critic
has the internet on their videophone
we can relieve ourselves
of our mutual antipathy
as demonstrated on poemhunter
and face to face
by taking to the smallest room

and standing on our dignity
though seated
call up without fear
of logorrhoea
and take the piss
out of each other
and having relieved ourselves
quick as a slash
undeterred and
flushed with victory

leaving more time
for rhyme
or for better or worse
free verse

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Comments (2)

very clever mister sheperd, word perfect and precise just like a poem should be elvis
A clever funny poem! ! ! !