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0212 It's Just An Age Thing
MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

0212 It's Just An Age Thing

it's just an age thing - should you be concerned?
I'll spell it out; it may just clear my mind:
that, in impatient youth, ambition burned
to have the answers to all things defined -

but not, I haste to add, from teacher's notes,
but from experiences uniquely mine:
a random, fun-filled quest to find the goal
which, when defined, would ease the ceaseless strife;

yet now, the mind's so sceptical, and all
that passed for thought, just mental indigestion;
the quest, forgotten, changed, or redefined;
what passed for answers, are now up for question:

it's braver fun, with answers thrown away
to seek the greater questions in this play.


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Comments (2)

You're both wonderful.......and we all know it! :) This is great Michael. Sincerely, Mary
Are you kidding? Your poem on death is a joy! How's that for human?