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0214 Me And Lazarus
MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

0214 Me And Lazarus

'Since your breakdown, Michael,
you've changed out of all recognition...'
Was I supposed to feel flattered,
since this was evidently meant as a compliment -
leaving a vapour trail of implications
about past behaviour across the clear sky of my mind?

No, I did not feel flattered;
though agreeably unconcerned
about the degree of un-observation in an old friend;
how could he not see
that I was as I ever was, though
minus some things I could happily do without,
acquired along the way?

Now I can begin to imagine Lazarus
called back from the dead,
unwinding his lifetime's shroud -
you wake up with a touch of cramp
to see a goggle-eyed bunch of familiar faces
telling you some frankly unbelievable story
in which you appear as the unwitting
central character; apart of course from Him;
and you should feel grateful for this?
when you're a beggar, the milk bill's not been paid,
and you're right out of wild honey?

Ah, here's the pay-off
that the Bible omits to mention -
(unless I'm some special case) -
that like Lazarus, I entered the breakdown van
the world's beggar,
and emerged, a hell-and-back,
with new-found freedom and happiness,
and not a little gratitude,

rich beyond riches.

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Comments (4)

I've often wondered how Lazarus must have felt when he came back from the dead. I liked this poem because of its simple honesty with more than a dollop of dry wit.
nice one michael, the poem suggests new possiblities on each reading.
Thank you Joell, but the mention of Kuebler Ross spoiled my weekend. No further comment. H
Michael, your thoughtful poem reminds me of this quote by Elizabeth Kubler Ross 'people are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within'. Thank you for this lovely piece about life's trials and the lessons they offer. Happy Easter.