0228 Streetwise

I was looking at this guy in the street
wishing I could walk with his swagger
as if he owned the street
when he caught me looking -
'you got a problem? ... '
so I thanked him for asking
and said yes
and explained
how I really wanted to express my manhood
without any suggestion of violence
or not respecting others' rights
but rather as a figure to be respected for myself...

and you know what
he just quietly walked away

seems he'd left his blade
stuck in the last guy
and was going back for it

by Michael Shepherd

Comments (4)

Unique and fun. I very much enjoyed it.
Thanks for that vital piece of info, Ken. Gives me a great idea for a T-shirt slogan - 'My other blade's a flick'...
Michael, I would hope I could see inside your mind to experience your creativity. But then, I would probably be blinded by the light. Rusty
Good work Michael, though no respectable hood would be caught alive with only one weapon. Peace, Kenneth