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025. The Tornado
JK ( / Crawley)

025. The Tornado

A tornado approaches the battle-scarred land
a sign of further destruction
its powerful winds
buffet the stubborn country

The land itself seems afraid
of the on coming storm
the earth seems to shake
as though begging to be saved

Houses are thrown like tennis balls
fences collapse like matchsticks
everything shudders
from heavenly vengeance

The rain pours down
hammering the battered land
the rivers burst their banks
causing mass flooding

The lightning streaks through the sky
illuminating the scene
the fires are soon raging
causing more chaos

The storm calms down
as though run out of energy
the debris falls
as the land becomes quiet again

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yes, i'll take it for the March 2017 showcase. Thanks. bri :) happy tweedle-dee tweedle-dom toothpick!
24 lines, but i'd like it for the March 2017 showcase. I CAN'T REMEMBER IF YOU HAVE ONE THERE YET. i think i was waiting to hear from you. please send one, or tell me i may use this one. Thanks. bri :)
WOW! Profanisaurus, what a TREAT TO READ! ! I’LL send this to MyPoemList and to a few PH friends. showcase some day? ? have a ‘scratch-your-butt’ helluva day, my friend. bri :)