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MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

0250 To Indian Poets

'O Lord, I am Your goldsmith on this earth'
sang Sonar, Maharashtra's poet of old,
who hammered out the ingots of pure truth
to poetry, that turns speech into gold;

who sought Yourself within himself to reach,
from heart of gold, that golden mind might shine;
to sing Your praise; and find Your All in each;
reflect your Word; make human thought divine -

yet knew himself but shapeless gold You shaped;
shaped in this life, by grace, as goldsmith born;
graced with the richest substance You create,
to live and speak some gleam of You reborn.

May we be worthy of this golden race
of poets: praise in all things, Your one grace.

(Narahari Sonar - Sonar means goldsmith, which was the family profession - 13th century goldsmith, poet and saint)

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Comments (2)

This is beautiful, mystical, and a well-crafted sonnet. Thanks, Michael. Raynette
I think, when I grow up I will become a sonnet writer. Excellent, Michael. H