0277 Rumi The Sufi Puts You Straight

Poem By Michael Shepherd

'It seems from time to time - if not always -
that all that stands between my present self,
and what I hope to be, is...just myself...'
'But you are not the trouble - you're the cure! '

'Well, that's all very fine; but I feel locked -
I just can't free myself from all my past;
the mind can't see escape from habit's grasp...'
'But you are not that lock; you are the key! '

'If only I were - but I won't name names -
I'm sure it would be easier for me
to be my self; at least, feel much more free...'
'Well, that's too bad - that's just not how it works!

Just see and love your self; and know this true:
there is no self more beautiful than you! '

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...and thus, O best beloved, was the conservatory born...
A man went to the master and asked: 'Why is there no sunshine in my house? ' The Master paused, then enquired, 'Where is there sunshine? ' The man replied, 'In my garden.' The Master smiled. 'Then move your house into your garden.'

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