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(.......02aug) In The Waiting Room
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(.......02aug) In The Waiting Room

It was easy to leave behind
my 'medical procedure'
and my daily life
and enter
the large painting on the wall
of the Wine Country
with its vineyards and poplars,
its mountains and its vast
billowing clouds;

the hard part
was coming back.

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Comments (4)

Ah, a glimpse at the other side. i would imagine coming back is very hard indeed.
You tell the reader much in this clever piece of creative distraction. I know how difficult it is for men to deal with such things. Perhaps it's because they don't have to give birth. Good luck. Great piece. love, Allie xxxxx
Point taken and well made sweetheart. t xx
Liked this one, Max... All hospitals have wonderful paintings on the walls. when what you want to do is just get out! ! ! Colin J...