CD (May 9,1984 / USA (Born in MA) (Raised in MI))

A Sweet Lily

nothing but the beauty untold
curved on the sands of time
the man when stood over the moon.
the glory as blazed by the quest

the story of the passage to new-found land
rocks up the truth hinged upon the crescent belief
mighty warrior unveils her love before to battle field
being befuddled by the softness mutely sharpens the sword

full moon descends slowly by the day of its due course
and you expand when extensive beyond the vision
the breath of flower when intense with fragrance
A sweet lily as i stare on beyond the other side of the sea

by Dr subhendu kar

Comments (2)

It is the same sad story of our troops anywhere in the world. T'is beautifully captured in these lines. Thank you.
A great, heartfelt poem, Coreena.Most certainly, our troops need and deserve all the support we can possibly give. Thank you for your wonderful poem and for your sacrifice. Best regards, Richard