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03/09/2008 Losing Your Love ♥

So many words but nothing can describe,
Everything that’s going on and how I feel inside,
My emotions are spread so vastly apart,
The pain I feel to the bottom of my heart.

If things could be different I would have been happy,
Rumors spread, people talked it became crappie.
It hurts to loose your everything the love of your life,
Especially when you dreamed to be his bride his wife.

Oh I how I love you but I need to stay committed,
To the choices I've made and the pain I've admitted.
To love someone and leave them when you do,
Is hard if you haven't loved you don't have a clue.

I can hear the pain in your gently voice.
I don't want to hurt you but isn't my choice.
To not hurt you I'd be hurting myself instead,
I have to not go with my heart but this time my head.

March 2008- (Dedicated to Vernon Burchett)

by Coreena Dejesus

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A poem close to my heart, i like reading ur poems - miss tee