03/10/2008 Revenge Not Very Sweet ★

Down to every pit of my core,
I earn to get even to settle the score.
Telling you I'm lusting over another man,
I ask myself the question how I can.
I love you so very much situation remains,
I wish I didn't I wish I could change.
I want to hate you for every thing,
Sometimes I wish you were just a fling.

I want to get even and cause you pain,
To do so I would be doing it in vain.
To strike your heart with a knife,
For the pain that you caused in my life.
My heart is bitter but my mind is right,
Everything I say- I say out of spite.
Lord help me why am I trying to be mean,
Every thought that possess me is so obscene.

Lord help me - Help me get past this man,
Lord tell me where do I fit into your plan.
Why am I trying to hurt because I've been hurt,
I'm trying Lord I'm trying to be alert.
I can only try to do by your will,
But Lord I'm confused very confused still.

March 2008 (Dedicated to Vernon Burchett)

by Coreena Dejesus

Comments (4)

The paradox is that we knew hurt just the same when they turned away. We have to take care of our own feelings as best we could, and aside from dealing with our loss of them, we took in the hurt, that which pained us the most; for we knew that, we did not want to part. Thank you for sharing, I can relate in your poems every situation.
A very heartfelt poem. Whether or not true and personal, it is certainly true many times. Your descriptions of feelings are intense and familiar. I like the last verse best. It shows dependence on the best source for healing. Thank you, a good read. Best regards, Richard
this is amazing and i can really relate to this. i have seen alot of dumb poetry but yours is actually amazing.