CD (May 9,1984 / USA (Born in MA) (Raised in MI))

03/23/2008 Volcano Of Emotion ♥

Screaming in the inside,
Filled with hate and rage.
Appearance lovely from the outside,
Emotions are locked in a cage.

Agony that you have caused,
I've been mistreated and used,
Tears and screams placed on pause,
My heart mishandled and no doubt abused.

I'm like a volcano ready to explode,
Eruptions and heat flames unbearable,
You hurt me you'll get what is owed.
Emotions will fly actions will be terrible.

The anger building waiting to escape,
Time will pass and it will increase,
You'll see every emotion in every shape,
All my angry and hate upon you I'll release,
My wrath will come I will set you straight.
Till then I sit here contemplating- patiently I wait.

March 2008 (Dedicated to Vernon Burchett)

by Coreena Dejesus

Comments (4)

good poem.I liked first twi stanzas very well..........
heart when rocked by the fire smiles as caged up by rage heart seems to frazzled by the blow lava yet to errupt by the wrath as when rused................extremely poignant and hurtful love, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , smudged over when uncared....well penned,10/10, thanks for sharing
Pique, and passsion elicit with much fury & verve...Powerful, and stalwart expression....and a fine poetic depiction of the mercrial minds display of controlled chaos.Very Nicely done, Coreena. ~ FjR ~ ..2008..
nice work very passonate and angst filled thank you