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#03 Rifles And Canvass Shoes
(17/05/1947 / Vadali, Dist: - sabarkantha, Gujarat, India)

#03 Rifles And Canvass Shoes

I remember as child
Chinese were considered wild
First time we came to know they were rat eaters
Stout but small in stature

"Hindi Chini bhai bhai "
Indian and Chinese are brothers
Jawaharlal Nehru stress much on five principles
Not to interfere internal maters and avoid trouble

Chinese then violated border's sanctity
Grabbed enough of land with the help of military
Indians were caught unaware
The border lay bare

The Indian Prime Minister ordered Indian army to evict intruders
As apostle of peace, he had issued no orders
The army was ill equipped
Yet the occupation challenged

Can you believe fact?
The soldiers were ill clad
The feet were provided with canvass shoes
The 303 old gun was ready in action to go

History shall not pardon such leaders
How can they pass blind orders?
See the befitting order given by present leadership!
The enemy is compelled to eat dust bite and weep

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