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0313 Every Poem's An Adventure
MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

0313 Every Poem's An Adventure

Poem By Michael Shepherd

Reader, if it’s the first time that you hit
this site, stretching out like a landscape
as far as the mind may reach – just, we ask,
remember –
every poem’s an adventure;

- not, perhaps, for you, scrolling fast in case there’s
something better round the corner -
but for these writers – Frost-sparkling, or first-born …

tune in if you must, to those
discerning poet-critics, poet-teachers, with
their ‘one of his least successful’…
‘in this early work, she has not as yet…’
‘marks the slow falling-away of the early promise…’
those distant, serious, inconsequential voices like
twirling a radio dial across the stations –
but remember –
every poem’s an adventure;

all we here, know so well, that
one day we set down what there was to say
and then, we realise - without a shape to it...;
another day, some passing angel touches it
and like some shake of the kaleidoscope,
there it is in perfect form,
touched with immortality…

we – we’re not fooled; they’re failures in some degree, never
quite what we hoped of them;
but we don’t delet them, for
they’re our children, and we love them;
we’ve learned from bearing, rearing, shaping them;
and when they leave home and roam around the world,
someone may love a part or all of them…
they’re here because, even if they’re
‘hackneyed, trite, unambitious, banal’
to those that shit in judgement on your work…yet

every poem’s an adventure.

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Comments (7)

Nothing to argue with here, Michael! Poems are, indeed, our children, therefore an adventure! What 'child' isn't? Poems are our precious, perfect, angels...until that nasty 'principal of the school' tells us all about that 'angel'! Punish the parent/poet for an unruly angel/poem...the reverse would not be the source of the problem! Great write! ! This should be read again, people! xxElysabeth
...or. John, Buddha, Confucius, Lao Tze...
oh yes, every poem is an adventure because it comes right from the heart. anything from the heart must have gone through some real experiences. we are all part of the universe. what the other experiences affect us in a way. reading other people's poetry is reading part of ourselves because we are only part of the whole humankind though many of us would love to be the whole like hitler, emperor shih huang ti and all the dictators of the world.
You are ever the teacher, as well as poet, Michael. This is nice. Raynette
They really are like children to us, aren't they - on their own adventure around the world (thanks to this site) . avr