MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

0317 Fingertip To Fingertip, A Human Net

i think it's really wonderful
that with all the million poems on this net
people find their way to read what each of us has read
or written.

it's like a shining human net around the world -
fingertip to fingertip in space
all connected by the love of poetry
and the poetry of love.

so instead of moping and chewing our pencils,
feeling pathetic and unread
we can dedicate all our poems to all those real people who - yes! -
actually read them
and say
It's you I wrote them for - and you - and you-
and now I know you're there
I'll write some better ones for you in time,
that what it's all about...

and if I'm silent for a time
working on something that's good enough for you,
remember -

love, love, love

by Michael Shepherd

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Simple and Cute.Thank You.
Delightful image, thank you: -)