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0358 One For Bill
MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

0358 One For Bill

Redheads, with their fiery hair
oft have a temper that can scare.
Can God and Nature so conspire
to scarify with hair and fire?

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oh cripes, 'Rusty', now it all makes sense...so no more jokes about 'Dusty' then?
Michael, Just to let you know from one who has red hair, the onset of gray tends to subdue the fire to barely glowing embers. North and South. lol Rusty
so true, so true, Microsoft. my mother is a tiny redheaded thing. she's as sweet as sugar, but god help you if you piss her off! Jake
I enjoyed this poem. I want to say it feels like all the words are tidy and in their right place. The rhyme and rhythm schemes work well.