0399 The Eye Of I

our deepest being is that which observes:
which watches, far beyond all forms of thought,
as hand and tool and all the senses serve
to find and make new things; or shine at sport;

which watches its own stillness in deep peace
and knows it knows, yet knows not what that is -
except that in this being is release
from all that's not; a peace akin to bliss.

There may be further being yet to be;
but in this present observation shines
a world that's fresh, and bright, and new, and free,
which fills the heart with joy, and clears the mind.

If we should doubt that we know 'self' or 'soul' -
that one, who's still, and knows 'I am', tells all.

by Michael Shepherd

Comments (2)

Very Good metaphyical poem.Thank you Michael.
Fine brushwork, nimble hands. you have a habit of sneaking 'that being' through but you do it in the most open, accessible way. This reminds me of one you posted the other day...