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(03new!) Beyond The Hills
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(03new!) Beyond The Hills

Poem By Max Reif

I gazed across the valley
at the mute, brown hills beyond,
dappled with dark, round, oaks,
that remind me of Africa's veld.

'What lies beyond you, hills? '
I asked, trying to peer
with imagination's eye
beyond and beyond and beyond,
into the heart of the world.

But the mist of my small, measured mind,
the haze of my limited life
grabbed onto the hills as I peered,
and I could not see beyond.

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Comments (7)

Add a comment.how I love forces of nature
To see the works of nature. Thanks for sharing.
A short but beautiful glimpse into your mind and ours.
Very poignant. This poem is a treasure. Take care. Warm regards, Sandra
A beautiful and humble hymn of reconciation to the limits of our vision.