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0407 The Past Was A Present Once
MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

0407 The Past Was A Present Once

A string of perfect pearls
threaded on grey silk
in a silver jewel-case
I'm keeping for somebody else
so don't open it

A room of carefully-folded
but I scrawled 'nostalgia' on the door
so don't go in there

I know what's in the box, the room,
so I haven't looked for a long time

maybe I should

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Comments (8)

...whatever happened to nostalgia, I ask? ...yes, yes, you lynx-eyed hassler, I stole it from you because I felt that memories were getting an unfairly bad press from you and I recognised a fault line in myself too...good reason for writing a poem I say. As for your no-go area, well that's your concern.. you're young yet, laddie.... but thanks for the nudge. Care to be my full-time cross-gender Muse?
why, Microsoft, do i detect a somewhat bitter double-entendre in the title? i have a door marked NOSTALGIA. it's been boarded up. run like you stole it, Jake
That's the divine joke about poetry, Rusty - often the readers 'get it' before the writer does! I reckon that's good? And absolutely true of this one... I like it when the 'poet' is a microsecond ahead of the 'editor'. Thanks.
I think I got it, and if I did, damn that was good. Rusty
This one is very well done. You've compressed some haubnting images into a tight, concise poem.
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