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(041) I Think My Dad Is Jealous Of Me
Risha Ahmed (12 yrs) (21/8/1998 / Cochin(India))

(041) I Think My Dad Is Jealous Of Me

I think my dad is jealous of me
He says if he were I
He’ll be the happiest man on earth
And fly in the sky
He says the talent of writing poems
Was what he more deserved
I was in a cranky mood and said
If you preserve it your brain will rust
Then I told him, please stop blabbering
And eat my bread’s crust
But I don’t think he is jealous
As he has got a new talent
He is now writing Haikus
And with that I think he is content.

My dad's name is 'Thufail Ahmed' and his haikus are available on this site. And I love him a lot.

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Your love for your Dad shows through in this poem Risha. I think he knows you are an amazing young poet, but his Haiku's are fabulous, I've read a few and loved everyone of them. I must visit him again soon Risha, Excellent poem. --Melvina--
I'm going to take you at your word, my friend, and believe that you are nine years old. This, for any age, is an outstanding composition. The flow and language use is that of someone a great deal older, but no leass a poet. I love the everydayness of this poem and that you use a modern structure. The narration is of an excellent banility. I would certainly be proud to have composed this and your farther has every right to be jealous. You will be congratulated for writing at such an age, I hope that you do not let that blind you to developing your art.
your love for your father is wonderful child! !